This section depicts some products and services provided by TULAB.

Information Technology

Airsoft Force Tracking
Testing and evaluation as well marketing activities for the Airsoft Force Tracking (AFT), a mobile application developed by Seethersky Labs. AFT runs on Android and it facilitates GPS for positioning and a cell-phone network for data transfer. The application allows its users to manage live action games such as Airsoft or paintball events. AFT provides its users such functions as location information of players and key objects. It also supports commanding and team-working.

Website ‘Gębice’
A website about Gębice, a village in Mogilno County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. The main task was to create a web page for the local community. The ultimate design is based on a content management system (CMS) which allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance in a user-friendly manner. Additional tasks were related to hosting, administration and providing the domain.
The website is available at 

Website ‘NAM’
A website about NAM, an Airsoft and historical reenactment team from Poznań. The project included implementation of a website based on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System), design of graphic components, bilingual copywritnig (Polish and English versions available) and services connected to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing.
The website is available at


Industrial Automation

Transport line control system (Factory of explosives in Krupski Młyn, Silesia, Poland)
The project was to develop a control system of a transport line ordered  by Nitroerg.  The transport line consisted of a roller conveyor, a lift table and 2 ball tables. This sytem was installed in a factory of explosives and worked with some external machinery. The control system and its electrical equipment were designed to meet requirements connected to the hazardous area of the factory. The control casbinet was equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and a VFD (Variable-Frequency Drive). These components provided the functionality for the operators such as the control of an AC motor speed and alarms signalization. 

Control systems of hydraulic lifters (Swarzędz, Poland)
The project was to develop control systems of 5 hydraulic lifters delivered to Deceuninck in Swarzędz, Poland. Provided technical solutions and documentation were according to hydraulic lifters standards supervised by the Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT).

Sludge conveyor control system (Podkarpacie, Poland)
A control system for a conveyor which transmits sludge. The system was fitted with a logic module which provides some special features such as the conveyor belt rip detection and sending a signal out to an external system.

Water intake monitoring and control system (Kościan, Poland)
The accomplished for the company Poster project included the assembly of 4 monitoring and control system cabinets for a water intake as well the participation in installation near Kościan, Poland. The control cabinets were assembled according to suitable standards and the specification provided by the customer.


Electrical Engineering and Home Automation

Garden control system (Wysoki Kościół near Wrocław)
A home automation system which controls a garden water cascade and diode lighting. The system has got 2 operational modes. In the Auto Mode the system controls the equipment in accordance with a time module. In the Manual Mode one can operate electric devices through 433 MHz radio remote control.